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የኢትዮጵያ ካርታ ሥራ ኤጀንሲ  ETHIOPIAN MAPPING AGENCY                                          
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1.1. To upgrade by way of on-the-job training in Surveying, Mapping, Remote sensing and GIS Profession in the Agency so as to bring about quality and efficiency at work.

1.2. To help other Federal and regional Government Organizations and private sectors engaged in activities related to Surveying, Mapping, Remote sensing and GIS, to build their capacity and capability.

2. COURSES OFFERED: - Two types of trainings are offered

2.1. Six months of Geo-information training: Which consists of the

following courses.

- Basic Surveying

- Basic photogrammetry & Remote Sensing

- Basic cartography and Map reading

- Basic GIS

- Basic land information management system (LIMS)

- Advanced Surveying

- Applied Remote Sensing

- Digital Photogrammety & DTM generation

- Applied GIS & Digital Cartography

- Project

Note: - The six months Geo-information training is a course of 720 hrs, in which 360 hrs are theoretical and the remaining 360 hrs practical work. Six hrs a day (Monday – Friday

2.2.Tailor- made (customized) training: - Which are short and intensive courses can be arranged on request, (1 week up to 3 months).

List of short courses are:-

- Digital Photogrammetry

- Digital Cartography


- Remote Sensing

- Digital Data Collection & Processing Using GPS and total Station


3.1. Theoretical classes (Morning) – Through the application of adult

learning theory and accepted practices of adult education.

3.2.Practical classes (Afternoon) – Using various mapping and surveying equipments as well as application of different software’s

3.3.Final project work of the trainees

3.4.Educational field trips and visits

4. THE PROGRAME : The course program has

4.1 Training Council: Is made up of the Coordinator, panel leaders and the Human Resource Development & Training Process Team Leader

. 4.2 Training manuals and Curriculum

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