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Survey Directorate makes nationwide surveys, establishes and administers high quality horizontal & vertical geodic control network establishes and administers National Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS), Global Navigation Satellite system (GNSS)/ Global Positioning System (GPS). The Survey Directorate coordinates the activities of geodetic surveys of the country. The geodetic control network data support the conduct of public business at all levels of government, Such as planning and carrying out national projects, development and utilization of natural resources, national defence, land management and monitoring crustal motion, infrastructure development, aviation and tourist industry, demarcation of national and international boundaries etc. The directorate has three teams

A.    The Geodetic Survey Team                                 B. Large Scale Survey Team

C.     Office Engineering & Survey Computation Team

Under Surveying directorates there are three teams.

1. Geodetic Surveying Team

In surveying and mapping large areas, it is first necessary to establish frame works of horizontal and vertical controls. These provide a common basis (reference system or datum) for all surveying and mapping operations to ensure a coherent product. A reference system, or datum, is the set of numerical quantities that serves as a common basis. The National Geodetic control Neworks have been created by the government to provide the datum.

Geodetic Surveying team is responsible:

- To establish and maintain National Geodetic Control Networks;

- To provide horizontal latitudes and longitudes in Adinda datum reference system;

- To provide vertical heights/elevations in National Vertical Geodetic Datum reference system;

- To furnish gravity values;

-To conduct aerial photograph and satellite imagery control surveys;

-To give consultancy service, conduct training

2. Large scale surveying Team

Using the high quality geodetic network established by geodetic surveying team large scale surveying team conducts surveys:

-For boundary and property,

- For highways, railroads, pipelines, transmission lines:

- For the purpose of preparing maps showing locations of natural and artificial features, and topography;

- To provide locations and elevations of structures;

- Give consultancy service, and conduct training.

3. Office Engineering and surveying data computation Team

This team:

- Accept raw and processed data submitted by Geodetic and Large scale surveying teams,

- Check their format correctness, proper supporting documentation and completeness;

- Process in quality control procedure and conform their classification accuracy for inclusion into the national networks;

- Operate and control continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) server, download CORS data , makes data backup, and disseminate to users;

- Makes sketches, schematic diagrams, prepare charts graphs, profiles, produce maps;

- Store the survey data in National Geodetic Survey data base;

- Administer, maintain the archive and the data base and disseminate to the public, external customers and internal users, exhibit the SD’ s activates;

- Give consultancy service, conduct training.

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