Who We Are

Addis Ababa Rivers, Riversides Development and Climate Change Adaptation Project Office

River Conservation

Dedicated to conserve and protect rivers around Addis Ababa

Riverside Development

Developing river sides for better city sanitation and recreation

Climate Change Adaptation

Treating river and river sides according to climate change

Addis Ababa rivers for Addis Ababa renaissance

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Clean Rivers and Riversides

Rivers and Riversides . . .



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Our Services

Riverside Parks and Recreations

Building river side parks and recreation centers for the community

River Pollution Preventation

Protecting rivers from factory and other waste

Climate Change Adaptation

Tackling climate change challenges on river and river sides

Riverside Project Facilitation

Facilitating and co-oprating in river side projects

Training and Consultancy

Providing training and consultancy for other cities from experiance

Voluntery Service Facilitation

Encauraging the community to work on river development